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Conference Interpreting

Planning a Conference Requiring Foreign Language Interpretation?


A company that plans conferences with participants speaking different languages has unique communication challenges. Bilingual Resources Group can help. We provide simultaneous interpretation services for training seminars, industry conferences, sales meetings and site-tours. Our translators make communication seamless – every time. Let us explain.


Bilingual Resources Group hires only the most highly skilled interpreters. That’s because interpretation is a highly skilled craft that requires a large amount of concentration. Companies can’t afford communication errors. And our interpreters get it.


When you use our services you can have confidence that you’re getting an accurate, skilled and highly trained professional. Plus, we only assign interpreters to your project who are native-speakers. And your interpreter has hands on experience working with the subject matter specific to your industry.


Our interpreters are required to take continuing education and stay up to date on cultural issues –ensuring the highest level of expertise. Use our services during:
» Conferences
» Seminars
» Workshops
» Depositions
» Trials
» Hearings
» Client Meetings
» Employee Orientations
» Employee Training
» Medical Consultations


Need equipment for your conference? No problem. Our professional interpreters have access to state-of-the-art conference equipment, like booths, microphones, headsets and receivers – all at very affordable prices. Plus, when you use Bilingual Resources Group, you get access to interpreters with unique experience planning events.


Our interpreters make suggestions to ensure communication at your event is a total success.


Every Event is Different…
That’s why Bilingual Resources Group tailors your interpreting service around your organization’s needs. We take care of your communication challenges – so you can focus on what matters most…your event.


With Bilingual Resources Group at your side, you can be confident that you always get the best translation possible – and have another successful event.

Leave a Lasting Impression


Make a positive impression during your conference or event. Leave nothing up to chance. And do it all with the best interpreters in the nation at your side. Plus, have total confidence that your confidentiality is protected 100 percent. Our interpreters are bound by Bilingual Resources Group’s Code of Ethics. 

Live Conference Interpretation


1. What is Conference Interpretation? Conference interpretation serves the purpose of conveying a speaker's message to an audience in a language they understand, typically at multilingual events or meetings.


2. How is it Utilized? Conference interpreters play a crucial role in various functions, including international organization events, gatherings of government leaders from different nations, and trade shows involving global companies. They deliver real-time interpretation services, which can be executed either on-site or remotely. Features: - Our team of professional simultaneous conference interpreters ensures the seamless execution of events, from international summits to professional seminars and congresses. - These highly skilled interpreters are subject matter experts, proficient in conveying industry-specific terminology and jargon to event attendees. - With over two decades of experience and a track record of more than 300 in-person and remote events annually, our certified linguists deliver flawless interpretations in over 150 languages across the globe.


- Our services encompass a wide range of video conferencing tools to accommodate your specific needs.

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